African preacher tells congregation that God wants them to eat grass; they comply and then get sick

Why Evolution Is True

Among the things that religion poisons is digestion.

I’ve read that sub-Saharan Africa (along with the Islamic lands of the Middle East) is one of the most religious places on Earth. Apparently it’s not the pre-colonial religions that hold sway, but Christianity, due to the incessant intrusions of Jebus missionaries. Regardless, an article from The Daily Mail(and yes, the facts are verified by the Christian Post) reports another insane manifestation of Christianity, apparently devised by the minister to amuse himself and demonstrate his power.

A South African preacher, Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries, has been preaching to his congregation that “humans can eat anything to feed their bodies and survive on whatever they choose to eat.”  

Well, I’ll construe that statement as showing conflict between science and religion. Daniel tells his congregation that grass-eating will “bring them closer to God,”

Here’s the good reverend:



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1 thought on “African preacher tells congregation that God wants them to eat grass; they comply and then get sick

  1. That is really crazy shit. It is understandable why this region of the world is highly superstitious. It is still very much primitive. Even so, it was very easy to convince cultures in various parts of the globe to get them to do what you wanted them to during the bronze age, hence all the ancient writings that came later during the Iron Age, such as the Elohist, Jahwist, Deuteronomist and Priestly Sources that made up the introductory books of the Old Testament called the To’RAh. The powerful man-gods, or henchmen who worked for the Pharaohs rounded up boat load of slaves and brought them over to do hard labor would be one example. This also reminds me of Jim Jones and how he convinced so many people to follow him and do what he said, think like he thought and do as he did, leading them to their deaths.

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