Ten Thousand Things I Say to Theists When I’m Bipolar

When I first ideated this concept, it was “twenty things…;” however, I am a rapid cycler.  And for some serendipitous reason, they seem to find me when I am manic or hyper.

Twenty seemed an appallingly insufficient number.

Whilst these stories are true, they are also infused with my rather original demeanour and humour.

One winter’s Sunday morning, I was blowing off church and was outside training.  I realised we needed something at the shop; so, I set forth.  Still garbed in my training gear (complete with weight lifting gloves and Rocky Balboa hat), I set off.  I prudently left my swords at home.

In the queue, I felt a sharp shove from behind, and upon turning around, spied an Asian man passing me (with plenty of room to have passed without making any contact at all).  I looked him in the eyes and said, “EXCUSE ME.”  A few minutes later, he passed me again and performed his dutiful shove.

My response: “your religion may teach you that women are beneath you; but, THIS woman can knock you on your ar5e; so, BACK OFF!”

Several people giggled, smiled and nodded.  He backed off.

Atheist, bipolar martial artist – 1; linguine-for-brains Muslim man – 0!




1 thought on “Ten Thousand Things I Say to Theists When I’m Bipolar

  1. Chuckles (cackles) loudly @ the linguine-for-brains. Say, I take it that the Asian man was near eastern man packing a Qara’a? It’s a good thing you weren’t wearing a Borsalino Fedora and holding a Tommy Gun. :p

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