This is a statue of Thor that was found in Iceland. In the Edda, written by Sturluson, he wrote about 3 superior races, the AEsir, the Vanir and the Elves. One would have to think, how did Snorri Sturluson know anything about the AEsir, that is if the AEsir, Vanir and Elves are Asians. AEa is written up in the Argonautica. Was Asia originally named AEa? It is interesting, because Indra was a god of Thunder as well. Pay close attention to the hat on Thor. It is very similar to what the president of Afghanistan wears on his head. There is nothing remotely ‘Viking’ about this statue. Next, the Edda (Eddas) and the Vedas sound the same. Take the V from Vedas and you have Eddas. Just some fat to chew on.


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